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Evening Dress

2009-09-07 16:23:50
evening dress is the clothes wear  after 20:00 at night in a formal dress, it is the highest grade of Ms. dress, most unique, fully demonstrated the personality style. of dress. Also known as evening dress, evening dress, dance clothes. Often with shawls, wholesale clothing , like the cloak to match the clothes, gloves decorated with China and the United States constitute a common effect of the overall costume.

Traditional evening dress style. Get Fit For the waist that women, exaggerating the weight of the hip following a sense of dress, shoulder, chest, arm fully expose, gorgeous jewelry for the performance of space left. ......
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Different type of clothing color scheme

2009-08-20 18:27:50

In daily life, beautiful, without regret, absolutely god as the Venus (beauty) general shape is not, say everyone's shape is more or less exist regrettable faults and hasn't been found. Hence, apparel color became the first to show people up some body shape characteristic, the defects of the important means and tools. To use the body of people dress colour to raise, or intentional correction forms using the wrong to create new visual effect, we must first understand oneself body, the dress colour effect is very important, because it will eventually embodies individual style. of dress maximum advantage. To determine the body type, you need to consider the factors have height, body, and between them. In need of abate, can use the volume contraction color, To emphasize and expanded in size, can use the expansion color. ...

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Major economies signs of exploration appeared

2009-08-14 17:55:02



Major global economies are the agent."


The most representative of the U.S. economy is the agent." According to the report, the second quarter GDP year-on-year drop in America alone, the better than expected 1.0%. Compared with the previous quarters, obvious signs of a folding turn. In 2008, the first, second, third, and fourth quarter and 2009 respectively, the first quarter dropped 0.7 1.5%, 2.7%, 5.4%, 6.4%. ...

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Man, such as porcelain

2009-08-14 17:53:51


Men, such as porcelain, not touch the heart, but afraid!


In life, when the noisy, calm and quiet to stand, empty, happy-go-lucky.


Hold the sand, but the whole world can't hold the bottom of silence.


His face, simple and calm, the outside world wonderful but also really helpless.


In the corner of the soul, and sorrow and sighing, or surprised or, is a clear and i ... ...

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It is autumn precipitation of feeling

2009-08-14 17:50:06


I like autumn. The steps of spring is delighted that stumbled, some flowers, has yet to mature, it's just a draw, matches the first spring, spring, the result of color slightly blundering, two-tone, shade, Summer is warm, the footstep lug sunshine flowers, grass, which had a noisy and publicity, everyone in the throat, risking a shout out his voice, and as a result, in summer, the proud and a white smoke came in, that is, XinHuo lose it. Autumn, all return to nature, insipid. Autumn is a season of thinking, but also a season of precipitation.


In no way, air drying mall where heart, dust. ...

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